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The Ounce welcomes you to our shop!


A lot of our clients say that when you step inside The Ounce shop you step into another world. The busy and often hectic sounds of the streets are drowned by classic music and the 19th century inspired decor is a joy to look at. Clients can take their time taking in the shop and our display of tin boxes, herbs, faberge eggs and small gifts but if you're here to buy tea you'll be more interested on the huge shelves decorating the wall behind the counter, filled with jars of tea.


The amount of tea may seem overwhelming at first but don't worry! Our friendly and well informed staff are here to help you. We'll ask about your tea preferances and based on those we pick out teas from our selection that would best suit your taste. This makes buying tea from us nice and easy! The teas of your choice are then packed into paper bags on which we write the names of the teas with ink and instructions on how to brew the tea if necessary.


If the relaxing atmosphere tempts you to sit down for a moment you are free to do so with a cup of tea. All the teas on our shelves are available to drink in the tearoom and we also offer kombucha, kalebassi mate, matcha, glogg in the winter and icetea in the summer. Tea drinkers can also buy some handmade chocolates or cookies to accompany your tea if you have a sweet tooth. The little tearoom is cozy and peaceful, it's ideal for taking a break, enjoying your tea and even reading a book or meeting up with an old friend. You can make a table reservation to the tearoom if needed or reserve the whole area for a bigger group, we also offer some tea events which you can order and we're happy give more information on those to anyone who's interested.


We hope to bring this atmosphere into our online shop as well. All orders are hand packaged at our shop into paper bags with labels written in ink, just as beautifully as you would recieve buying at the shop physically. We're also happy to listen to any small wishes our clients may have if you write a message to us about them in your order, for example packing a bigger amount of tea into smaller bags or even writing a message on them or drawing a little picture with ink. Our tea is also very easy to order as a gift, if you switch out the shipping address to the gift reciever's address the tea will go straight to them. We're constantly trying to make our website better so buying tea here would be just as nice and easy as at our shop!


The Ounce wishes everyone a tasty teatime!



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